Veil TEX – Camouflage Systems

New models of camouflage and minicry using digital and organic forms as a foundation to build a set of optical distraction patterns.

Exploring abstract pattern based camouflage designs, whilst utilizing a subtle combination of depth based mimicry pattern, these variations could be said to offer the best of both these camouflage models in a new interpretation of traditional models.

At its core these designs look to break up the forms of the body by not using smooth sharp lines and mimicking the fractal based patterns found in nature. Digital distortion is used to create a scattered and unstructured optical illusion, helping mimic a range of vegetation and environments.

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Distances – Far: Base Layer – Using a more traditional block or blob based pattern as a foundation, this model helps the body blend in at longer ranges, breaking down shapes into more simplicity tonal ranges. This underpinning pattern helps counter isoluminance (The blending of tone and colour as distance increases to create the illusion of a single solid colour, and therefore stand out).

Short: Second Layer  – On top of the base pattern we start to develop smaller fractured patterns (Digital Distortion). This greatly helps blend into varied textures at shorter distances. Using geometric patterns which are found in micro levels of nature we help concealment and blend at short range in a variety of environments.

Close: Top Layer  – In certain cases we have added a third layer, focusing on smaller dot based patters and geometric lines which help to break up the other two layers in a more direct approach. Often these patterns are very different to the underpinning design and add to the optical breaking up of the larger patterns.

Using both Macro and Micro pattern disruption we look to conceal at different distances, greatly increasing the chance of staying hidden.